Thursday, 31 October 2013

Day of the Dead

"I leave you with my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you" Frida Kahlo

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Instead of ghouling up and sucking sweets for halloween this year, we're making altars and eating herbacous huevos, observing the Mexican and Latin tradition Dia de los Muetos - Day of the Dead.

Traditionally this is a three day festival beginning October 31 where the living get to connect with and remember the dead.
Lovingly made altars display photos, memorabillia, offerings of food and beverages, candles, crosses, sugar skulls and incense.
In honour of the day we've asked the Gold Coast's own local Mexican taqueria queen Kristal Smith of Poptaco ( for her amazing huevos motulenos recipe and gathered together some pieces from our collection ( to make an altar to Mexican muse Frida Kahlo, a woman of strength, style, talent and character.

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Frida Kahlo, candle, chilli, bone inlay, altar

Huevos motuleños -

Is a heartier variation of the common Mexican breakfast ' Huevos Rancheros' which is a meal of freshly pressed corn tortillas, a bitey ranchera salsa and fried eggs.

Huevos Motuleños is the way the Mexicans in the Yucatan like to do Breaky, of course along side plates bursting with fresh regional tropical fruits that are covered in chili and lime.

I find the best source for Mexican ingredients is they sell freshly made white corn tortillas, they have the 'real deal' refried beans complete with Mexican chorizo which is how they get their beans so rich and tasty. Also it's a great idea to order a few bottles of real Mexican salsa to add some delicious chili heat to your meals.... Kristal

To make Huevos Motuleños:

1- Heat your classic refried beans in a saucepan

2- Warm some tortillas on a skillet until they score a little but remain lovely and soft (at this point the aroma in your kitchen smells like a colourful holiday in the Caribbean Mexico - mmm take me away)

3- Fry enough eggs for 2 portions per person.

To plate the dish - lay out 2 tortillas, cover these in a layer of beans and then place an egg on each.

At the table have your table salsas ready and go for your life.

Pop Taco hand made Salsa's will be available for purchase over summer at various farmers Markets on the Gold Coast.

As they say in Mexico 'mmm Que Rico'

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