Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Slowly, Slowly - The Patient Art Of Ceramics

Made by local artist Helen Naylor, these ceramics deserve attention. Each piece took up to a week to complete, the process a labour of love in the true sense of the term.

Helen grew up in England where her Yorkshire born father taught her a passion for clay. He was a hobby artist, budding builder and serial 'pot-holer' (Helen's term for her father's habit of digging for clay wherever he went).
The patterns are made from impressing wooden sari printing blocks into clay. After the first firing Helen applies the stains that are then 'washed' off by hand up to 30 times before the right shade of colour is achieved.
The second firing can take 3 days to complete as the glazed clay goes into a cold kiln that then has to reach a temperature of 1280 degrees and stay until it has cooled again.
We love the loose, organic shapes of these ceramics; every piece is a one off, the product of what Helen says is her desire to relax and be spontaneous as an artist.
"The more I've learnt, the more able I am to let go" she explains. "I let the clay play".

Helen Naylor Ceramics arrive instore at Brisbane and Gold Coast today.


  1. Thank-you Nicole for your wonderful display and photography. I am thrilled to have my work in St Barts. I still pinch myself after two years. I adore every-thing you all do there. Love the new blog.

  2. Stunning patterns and textures... I just want to reach into the photographs and hold each one of them. BEAUTIFUL work and a lovely blog post!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous bowls by Helen Naylor, simply fabulous. What a fascinating, unique process she uses to create the patterns, and the coloring is lovely, like a patina. Beautiful work, beautiful photography, beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. These are really lovely! I love the colors and patterns on the bowls. I would love to have a set and love the story about her father digging for clay. Lovely blog also!

  5. Fantastic bowls so artfully created! Love them Helen!