Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bohemian Escapes - Christmas

While it's hotting up here at the St Barts HQ in beautiful Burleigh, Queensland, we're thinking about alternatives to an Aussie Christmas. We love a BBQ'd turkey as much as anyone, and the beaches on our doorstep rank up there with the best on this planet - but that doesn't mean we can't get itchy feet for other vistas and experiences come December 25.
From a treehouse in Normandy cider country to a whirling dervish festival in Turkey, here's our shortlist of 5 bohemian escapes for a Christmas like no other:

1: Karlotta - Gypsy caravans on the Scottish border

roulotte, caravan, gypsy, Scotland

Ok, so it will be FREEZING, but look at that caravan!. In our daydreams we are exploring the Scottish Borders all wrapped in Fair Isle wool and wellies, foraging for wild mushrooms, warming up by the wood burning stove, listening to melodic folk, supping hot fragrant mulled wine as stars shoot across the uninterrupted sky. Apparently it gets communal round campfires in the evenings, we'd take along a guitar and songsheets of carols to get the party started.
For bookings and more information click here

2: Mevlana Festival - Whiling Dervish Festival, Konya, Turkey

Turkey, Rumi, poet, dervish, festival, Mevlana

From December 10 for seven days devotees of Sufi poet Rumi (or Mevlana meaning Our Guide) celebrate through their amazing dance his life and teachings, culminating in the anniversary of his death - or marriage with God - on the 17th of December. We want to fall into total absorption with the dervishes as they turn, elevating into blissfulness and awe.
We also love Turkish food and could quite happily swap the traditional Christmas dinner and pudding for a table full of mezze and baklava with spiced coffee to finish.
For bookings and further information contact Selene Tourism, Konya, Turkey.

3: La Cabane du Perche - Normandy, France

snow, winter, treehouse

Inside it is perfectly formed, simple and charming. The furniture has been whittled out of apple wood and fashioned from old wine barrels. It is also insulated and properly heated...What to do once perched in the tree? Read, write, be quiet as the snow. Oh, and it's in cider country so a cider at 5 with some local farm supplied baguette et fromage...formidable!
Fancy the treehouse? Click here

4: Christmas in Copenhagen - and dinner at Noma

Denmark, dining room, interior, Danish, Noma, restaurant

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are supposed to be magical this time of year - a Christmas market full of twinkling fairy lights, top notch chocolate, traditional carousels and illuminated fountains. We really fancy getting booted up and warming our hands on a hot chocolate wandering amongst the pretty Danes, peering into windows to spy their fabulous interior style. Then a dinner at Noma - not that we're craving ants or anything but it seems like such incredible theatre.
This restaurant is famed for it's philosophical approach to cooking and quintessential interior - putting Denmark's soul on a plate through style, technique and ingredient. High drama, low-key glamour. What to wear?
Inspired by Copenhagen and want to make a Noma reservation? Click here

5: Yoga Retreat - Bali

yoga, lotus, flower

Because we usually are running around being a Domestic Goddess at Christmas time and maybe for once we could be selfish (in the best sense of the word) and get pampered and centred. Like the lotus flower unfolding, we envision a new dawn of awareness opening us up to that happy place where all is well and we know our place in the world. What better gift to give ourselves at Christmas?
This place sounds good.

(images: Karlotta - Canopy and Stars, Dervishes - Lonely Planet, La Cabane du Perche - Canopy and Stars, Noma - The Times UK, Lotus FLower - Google Images wallpaper)

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