Friday, 27 December 2013

On Our Radar - The Peacock Chair

Nothing says gin sling summer chilling like a peacock chair.
Originally from Asia and used to throne royalty, the peacock chair found it's way into the hearts of hipsters in the 70's then dropped off the cool-ometer for a while. But they are making a huge comeback if you hadn't already noticed - and you don't have to reference a boho vibe to make this king of chairs fit in with your style.
It's playful woven flourishes sits comfortably near more rustic pieces and juxtaposed with modern elements too. We love them in their natural habitat - outdoors with a tropical plant and bright cushion - but are just as inclined to bring them inside for some drama. It's retro but modern, feminine but in that masculine way - like it's namesake really.
We've always flaunted the wonders of this chair, but here's some images that caught our eye, like a magestic flash of indigo in a jaunty feather...

modern decor, minimal, chic, interior, decor, peacock chair, indoor plants, polished concrete, marble table, mid-century style
Polished concrete floors and a marble table - hard elements softened by the whimsy of foilage and the pretty peacock chair.
peacock chair, blue and white, ginger jars, Asian style, bohemian, peacock chair
Back home in Raffles-esque grandeur, nestled with blue and white ginger jars - now's that's a look we can cater for!
peacock chair, white peacock chair, bohemian room, modern decor, white wood floors, elegant room
Love the metalic cushion and space-age chair as contrast to faded elegance of this room. 

images from top to bottom: Elle Decor, pinterest, cozamia 

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