Friday, 6 December 2013

St Barts Book Club - rethink. the way you live & A year in the life of Facehunter

As the mad rush to December 25 descends, we're taking stock, and getting inspired by some outside-the-box thinking care of two new books to our shelves: rethink.the way you live by Amanda Talbot and A year in the life of Facehunter by Yvan Rodic.

Written by trend forecaster and former ELLE Decoration associate editor Amanda Talbot, rethink is an insightful thesis showing how architecture, interior style and the way we live in our homes is responding to a rapidly changing world.
How do global events such as the financial crisis, the mass invasion of technology into our lives, environmental damage and sustainability issues affect the colour, texture and feel of our homes, our most personal creative reflections of self?

Amanda writes about optimism and anarchy in design - optimism being much more than just using bright colours but an "attitude displaying self-empowerment, nurturing a more upbeat approach to living" and anarchy as a way of decorating that has coined the term "undecorating". It is a revolt against the rules of perfection in interior style, a response to the global financial crisis spurring resourcefulnes and freedom from elitism.
"Polished design is passe" she writes. "Think textures, history and bold colours".
rethink. is at it's core inspiring and positive - it imparts confidence to be true to your own tastes no matter what others tell you.

Another book championing the rule-breakers, but this time the rebels of fashion - is A year in the life of Facehunter. From Copenhagen, Kiev, London and Warsaw to Sydney, Rio, Berlin and more, Yvan Rodic travels the globe with his camera taking great street snaps of (mostly) young hipsters pushing their identity out with great individualism through the medium of clothing. 

Ok, so it's still mostly bound by the "rules" of youth and beauty - but Facehunter (originally a blog) is anarchic in that it champions the real person on the street. This is not a book of alien-proportioned and airbrushed women in high-end fashion controlled by millions of dollars of advertising concerns - and yet fashion bloggers like Yvan are redefining the fashion world, the way in which we view fashion and showing that the old rulers and their ivory towers can tumble as the average person takes the spotlight. And how beautiful we are! Now, that's a reason to feel Merry!

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