Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Le Marais - A Window Story Comes Together

Inspiration HQ

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to create our traffic-stopping window displays? Here's a sneak-peak at Southport's new window in the making - we're calling it Le Marais (after Paris's old aristocratic district now a trendy hub of fashion, art and beautiful people). Imagine an attic apartment in one of the grand old buildings, a little messy but full of beauty, light, the smell of coffee, the sound of car horns and John Coltrane. An artist's retreat from the world into a personal, eclectic sanctuary. Crystal sits happily beside African pottery. Lace and marble, inherited linens and a grand black timber chandelier...this is the story behind our new window, Le Marais and it's due to be unveiled this Friday.

Themed around the purity of a black and white pallet - with subtle shades of grey and taupe in between - let's follow Creative Director Alissa downstairs as she starts to create the mood board that will also double as window prop - like the random collected inspirations of our Le Marais heroine's imaginings.

The beautiful Miss Alissa in her element
The mood board taking shape
Making signs for the African pottery
Collecting the pieces for the display

So, there you have it, a small insight into the creative hub of St Barts. We're really excited about this first window of 2014 - it's sure to set the stage for a great new year. Come in from Friday and see the new window, we'd love to take you on a journey to Le Marais! If you can't make it, check out our instagram feed @stbartsstores and we'll post you a pic.

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