Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Boxy Tee

Could this be the our new favourite summer tee?
Slubby, linen/cotton mix. It's a bit boxy and shorter than most with a wider neck for added elegance. Free People are the masters of slouchy insouciance - we're thinking about wearing it tucked in to flirty high waisted skirts (inspired - as always - by Isabel Marant):

or with denim shorts, a pair of rolled up chinos or slim leg jeans - basically, this style is perfect to wear with anything slightly higher waisted. The shorter length means a belt can be worn and featured without tucking your top in, or with just a tiny front tuck - bonus! At $79 what's not to love?
(Warning: this shape is not for the busty)

Here's some takes from the Free People site featuring shorter length tops...just to get you in the vibe. We've ordered lots of great stuff from these guys that we can't wait to start wearing - fashion drops are a happy constant from now on - we'll keep you posted.


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