Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Inspired Reading - Renegade Collective

On Sunday we were thrilled to have the lovely editor of Renegade Collective, Lisa Messenger, pop in to St Barts Southport and give us a copy of the latest edition of her remarkable magazine.

Lisa is a big fan of St Barts and we love her magazine. It was a mutual love fest so to speak. But seriously, Renegade Collective is such an inspiring read. Rather than feeling slightly grubby after indulging in it - like we do at the supermarket aisle flicking through those weeklies - reading Renegade Collective makes us want to skip and jump and shout for joy YES! I can do it!! To reach for our goals and live a great, good, meaningful life.
As you can tell, we feel very attuned to its message of entrepreneurship, authenticity, integrity, creativity and positivity. In a publishing world strewn with negatives - often towards women - Renegade Collective bypasses the outer rings of gossip, conformity and criticism and lands straight in the bulls-eye, to the heart of what matters.
Thanks again Lisa
xx from St Barts

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