Friday, 14 February 2014

Love Never Ends - A Valentine's Story

This story has got us all weepy. We had to share. Happy Valentine's Day friends, may love guide your days.

Special Delivery
"My sweet husband, John, and I were married for 46 years. Each Valentine's Day, he'd send me the most beautiful flowers containing a note with five simple words: "My love for you grows."
Four children, 46 bouquets and a lifetime of love were his legacy to me when he passed away two years ago.

On my first Valentine's Day alone, 10 months after I lost him, I was shocked to receive a gorgeous bouquet addressed to me...from John.Angry and heartbroken, I called the florist to say there had been a mistake. The florist replied, 'No, ma'am, it's not a mistake. Before he passed away, your husband pre-paid for many years and asked us to guarantee that you'd continue getting bouquets every Vaneltine's Day.' With my heart in my throat, I hung up the phone and read the attatched card. It said, 'My love for you is eternal'."
-Sue Johnston, 68, Houston, TX

image: House Beautiful

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