Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Salt Water Sandals - Chic Feet

tan saltwater sandals

It seems too crazy to be true, but it's fact - these are leather sandals that can be machine washed. More importantly, they're super chic and extremely comfortable.

The Salt Water sandal has been a cult classic in the United States for 70 years and have gained a huge following in Australia recently. We love the story of how they were originally made (for children) from scrap leather off military boot production during wartime shortages in the 40's. This leather had been treated to withstand all conditions - including getting wet.

Practical for salt water frolicks (as the name suggests) yet stylish and effortless with summer dresses or a rolled up jean. Comfortable and durable, they've been spotted on fashionable feet from the Hamptons to Paddington.

We've got them in tan, black, white and gold.

Welcome to the club.

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