Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Meeting with Cherie and Nareen from Marmoset Found

Australian homeware
Many people dream of starting their own business based on their passions but not so many realise it. Cherie Slater and Nareen Holloway of Melbourne based homeware wholesalers Marmoset Found have done just what they talked about as neighbours and friends, sharing coffee and bonding over their mutual love of homewares and interiors.

Cherie, who worked in health but who always had an eye for interior design (her husband is an architect) and Nareen, who was a fashion buyer, took the bold step to start their own business in homeware wholesaling after agreeing that they were seeing the same stuff everywhere and wanted to find new and beautiful pieces to bring to the market.

It is no small feat to take your career destiny in your own hands, especially with small children added to the equation, but Cherie and Nareen booked their first flights 3 years ago and have travelled ever since, working alongside artisans and crafts people in Thailand, Vietnam, Japan,  The Philippines and India.

At St Barts we have just unpacked our first delivery of Cloud Ceramics from Marmoset Found and couldn't be happier with this gorgeously wonky range of bowls, platters and vases and plates in muted shades of grey, taupe and moss.

Can you tell us a bit about Cloud Ceramics - where they come from and how they are made?

Each piece is hand cast in Vietnam - a country with a rich history in ceramics spanning thousands of years.We collaborate with a small family run business and decide on a colour palate for each season. 

They look so fragile - are they able to be used everyday?

They might look fragile but they are fired at a really high temperature and are dishwasher and microwave safe. They are actually really sturdy; we both use them as our every day dinnerware. We wanted to create ceramics that were beautiful, durable and functional. All the colours mix and match - so you can collect them over time and have an eclectic but cohesive range.

You travel the world constantly sourcing new and lovely things for the home - any tips on what's on trend now? 

There's still a strong emphasis on mixing everyday pieces with artisan, handmade and one-off treasures from your travels. Its an egalitarian approach to home styling that lets you have the Ikea shelving unit - let's face it, they are practical and well-designed - but mix them with something that is more personal and has a story about you or the place it came from.

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Cloud Ceramics now available at St Barts stores and online

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