Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Mum - by the St Barts Team

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday and we here at St Barts are taking the time to reflect on the special things that made our mothers unique, unrepeatable and the most important female role models in our lives. 

Originally conceived as a public holiday in America in 1914 through the campaigning efforts of Anna Jarvis, Mother's Day is about honoring the place of the mother in our society, and more personally, our lives.

It is interesting to note however, that celebrations of mothers and motherhood have occurred throughout history for thousands of years and we are particularly intrigued by the flamboyant figure of Cybele (or Mountain Mother) in Greek mythology. 

She was a wild woman by all accounts, a protector of cities and towns - arriving in a carriage led by lions, to raucous music, ecstatic dancing and much wine. Her mastery of the natural world and her vivid forceful nature are strong and powerful reminders that motherhood can mean much more than being a mere attachment to apron strings...feisty, funny, tough, cuddly, determined, tired, driven, rebellious, soft and more - she may be mum, but she is a woman too. 

Here, in the memories and reflections of our own mothers' is proof of the mighty feminine! 

Olivia Squillari - Marketing & Graphic Design 
Mum -  Kim Squillari

Kim Squillari

In her 20’s my mum was...partying till the a.m in Kings Cross

My mum’s style is...bohemian Byron style or everything black!

She taught me...that there is a big world out there and food is the way to a man's heart.

I love the way she...dances with her arms in the air.

Everyone who knows her says she...has a huge heart and loves a boogie!

Priya Gravesting - Brisbane Store
Mum - Audrey Bowie

Audrey Bowie with Priya and family

In her 20’s my mum was... a missionary in India before marrying my father in her mid 20’s.  They went on to have 4 children, 3 girls and a then my brother who was severely handicapped all his life.

My mum’s style is...Classic, loves black, white, lace and pearls!

She taught me...That a Princess is not here to be served but to serve others.

I love the way she...has our whole extended family over for amazing Indian lunch every Sunday.  It’s a long standing tradition.

I’ll never forget the time she...gave the Eulogy at my brother’s funeral.

Nicole Grimsdale - Marketing & Southport Store
Mum - Annette Grimsdale

Annette Grimsdale, end right, with family at her sister Vicki's wedding (second left).

In her 20’s my mum was...young and beautiful but struggling emotionally and financially as a single mother with my brother. She met the love of her life, my dad, in her late 20's (he was 29 years older than her and a successful film and TV director) and never looked back.

She taught grow up! My mum doesn't believe in blaming others for things they may or may not have done but to take responsibility for your own life, however hard that may be sometimes.

I love the way she...entertains. My mum was and still is a great hostess. She holds lots of dinner parties. Back in the 70's and 80's they included many empty bottles and guests lingering to the wee hours. These days it's more sedate but she still plans her meals with imagination and sets the table with real panache.

She cooked the best...Beef Rendang. Dry, spicy, flaky.

I wish I could live with courage, loyalty and pragmatism like she does.

Fiona Allan - Office Manager
Mum - Valerie Bailey
Valerie Bailey, graceful globe trotter

My mum's style was...classic, tailored and elegant

She taught to entertain, shop and laugh!

I love the way she...made our childhoods so special. I have such warm, loving memories of home cooking, horse-riding, holidays, shopping, parties and picnics...and lots of love.

She cooked threw the best...dinner parties.

She loved the globe.

Happy Mother's Day 

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