Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Adding Spice To Your Decor

Eclecticism is the secret spice that makes the luxe bohemian home so flavoursome.
At St Barts we are lucky enough to constantly roam the globe sourcing and curating pieces to enhance your home and reflect your own connections to culture and craft.
Travel souvenirs are rich with story and intrigue and continue to speak to your inner gypsy long after the journey has ended.
What to collect and how to display are questions you may ask yourself either when shopping or travelling. The first tip is if you love something - say, silver tea trays, ceremonial masks or Japanese pottery - start buying it! Not just one but enough to make a story, to create a cluster or a group of similar objects will make each piece seem purposeful and meant, rather than an accident of whim.

This collection of antique baskets look great hung together. Image credit: lisaherryinterieurs

Don't be afraid to mix seemingly disparate objects - contrast and difference are what makes life more interesting and the same is true of style.
For inspiration we've been mooching around on Pinterst and have found rooms that artfully incorporate some of the lovely things we have available instore and on our website - we'll make it an on-going series on this blog, a how to add spice to your decor.

image credit: denofopulence

We love this room for its unusual mix of textures and cultural references. It manages to incorporate the comfort of velvet cushions in classic 50's hues of watermelon, olive and mustard with the rough ancient weaves of tribal fabrics. Historical Asian art alongside a modern monochrome wall of black and white prints is another great example of using unexpected contrasts in genre and era. It is fair to say this room works so well because of the scope and quality of space at hand - white walls, high ceilings and plenty of light to a room are like great bone-structure to a face - the embellishments of decor/make-up serve to highlight the inherent beauty, not mask faults.

Shop The Look

1: Kilim cushions  2: Black and white framed prints 3: Velvet cushions from a selection instore  4: Copper bowls 5: Hand painted vase  6: Compartment coffee table 7: Geisha girl embroidered print

All available either in St Barts stores Brisbane and Gold Coast or online 

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