Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Duckfeet - Shoes for Gypsy Feet That Like to Roam

leather thong, ocean, gypsy style

We’ve long admired Danish design.  The essential mix of contemporary and classic, form and function. Now we can all have a piece of their imitable chic on our feet.  Introducing duckfeet

These are shoes made for comfort but they won’t compromise your style – in fact, ever since Paris Vogue featured models  in Birkenstocks with socks (circa Spring/Summer 2013) – we dare suggest that wearing any shoes that aren't comfortable is a crime against fashion.

leather sandal, natural, forest, gypsy style

duckfeet sandals are made from naturally tanned Scandinavian leather with crepe rubber soles for durability. We love that they are hand made over a last, making no two pairs exactly the same. Our toes are especially happy that they have room to be themselves, no squishing or scrunching or pointing, just happy, natural feet. We plan to cover all terrains in these beauties - from beach to forest to desert - us global gypsies needs freedom to roam...(instore now!)

leather sandal, desert, gypsy style

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